Secrets of the Carpathians - the bloody Countess Bathory


To the east of Bratislava, among the picturesque foothills of the Carpathians rise the ruins of the castle Čachtice. Its moss-covered walls collapsed, the floors collapsed, revealing a deep, dark cellars.

What remains of the castle, is indeed a grim spectacle. And if outside these walls happen to hear the story about the evils guide "bloody countess" Elizabeth Bathory, who lived here four years ago, the heart and does zaledeneet horror. And yet the public listens.

Strange and Wonderful

In the old days, when Slovakia belonged to Hungary, the castle Čachtice wore magyar "name Cheyt and belonged to the ancient family Bathory.
No one was braver than Bathory in battles with enemies, no one could compete with them in the cruelty and perversity. In the XVI century, after the battle of Mohacs, who gave Hungary in the hands of the Turks, Bathory divided into two branches - Eched and Shomlo.

The first took refuge in the mountains of Slovakia, Transylvania, took possession of the second, according to legend, twilight country vampires and wolves, werewolves, where the sun barely pierced crown boundless forests. In these places still believed in fairies and spirits worshiped the sun, moon and sacred trees. In 1576, Stephen Bathory of branches Shomlo became king of Poland.

He and his army had saved Vienna from the Turks, earning the gratitude of the Austrian Habsburgs, who by that time declared themselves kings of Hungary. Long before Stephen's sister, Anna married Gyorgy Bathory from branches Eched. Representatives of the family and had joined in consanguineous marriages, which quickly led them to degenerate. Bathory suffered from epilepsy (ie it led to the early death of King Stephen), madness, rampant alcoholism.

In the damp walls of their castles haunted gout and rheumatism. They hurt and born in 1560 Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory, the daughter of Anna and Gyorgy. Perhaps this explains the attacks of wild fury, which covered her from childhood. But most likely the case here in the family genes Bathory and cruelty of that time in general. On the plains of Hungary and the Carpathian Mountains relentlessly cut each other Turks, Hungarians and Austrians.

Caught generals of the enemy alive cooked in pots or impale. Uncle Elizabeth, András Báthory hacked to death in a mountain pass. Her aunt Klara was raped by a Turkish detachment, after which the poor little throat was slit. However, she is deprived of life before the two men.

Strange and Wonderful

At that time the countess had never killed anyone. Though sinless was not: in the absence of her husband took a lover, a neighbor landowner Ladislav Bend. Once together they raced on horseback on the road and mud engulfed some ugly old woman.

"Hurry, hurry, my pretty! - She cried after him. - Soon you'll be the same as me! "Houses Elizabeth stared for a long time in the Venetian mirror. Is the witch told the truth? Yes, it is already over forty, but its form as perfect, and elastic skin. Although ... won the treacherous wrinkle in the corner of his mouth. A little more, and sneak up behind old age and no one to admire her beauty. With a broken mood hostess Cheyta went to bed ...

In early 1604 her husband died, seized it in a fever of the campaigns. The neighbors felt sorry for the widow, and no one knew what awaited her subjects in a quiet town at the foot of the castle.

Strange and Wonderful

Erzsebet Bathory tirelessly to find a way to bring the beauty of stretching: it digging in old grimoires (collections of magical rituals and spells), then appealed to the witch. Once it led to a witch Darvulyu living near Cheyta. Looking at her, the old woman said confidently: "Blood is needed, madam.

Bathed in the blood of girls who did not know men, and youth will always be with you. Initially taken aback Elizabeth. But then remembered the excitement that every time her cover at the sight of blood. It is not known exactly when they crossed the border that separates man from beast. But soon the girls are sent to the castle to serve the countess began to disappear no one knows where, and at the edge of the forest began to appear fresh graves.

Strange and Wonderful

Buried and three, and twelve at once, explaining the sudden death with death. In place of departed to another world peasant brought from afar, but a week later they disappeared somewhere. Housekeeper Dora Sentesh - mannish babishchy enjoy special arrangement of the Countess, - interpret the curious residents ČACHTICE: say, a peasant turned out to be full of sad sack and sent home. Or: of these, a brand new, infuriated Mrs. audacity, she threatened them with punishment, and that's run away ...

At the beginning of XVII century (and all this happened in 1610 when Elisabeth Bathory turned fifty) in the elite circles it was considered indecent to interfere in the privacy of equals, and because the rumors flared up and faded away, leaving no trace on the reputations of illustrious ladies. True, appeared timid suggestion that the countess Nádasdy secretly pritorgovyvaet human beings - supplies rosy-cheeked and handsome Christian Turkish pasha, a great admirer of. And because such fishing secretly engaged in many glorious representatives of high society, was it worth while to puzzle, solving any where to go girl?

Strange and Wonderful

For ten years, when Cheyte rules of horror, the mechanism of killing was worked through. It was the same as for a half century to Elizabeth at the French baron Gilles de Fe, and the same as a Russian landowner Saltychikha (Daria Saltykova) and a half centuries later. In all cases the victims were girls, and the Baron - and even children.

Perhaps they seemed particularly vulnerable, that inflamed zeal sadists. And maybe most important thing here was the envy of aging people to youth and beauty. Played a role and inherited defects sort Bathory, Erzsebet, and superstition itself. She was evil not alone: she helped henchmen. Chief was an ugly hunchback Janos Uyvari nicknamed Fitsko. Living in a castle on the situation of a clown, he'd heard plenty of ridicule and mortally hated everyone who was healthy and beautiful. Snooping on the district, he sought the house where her daughter grew up.

Then to the maids entered Ilona Jo and Dorka: they were the parents of girls and persuade them for good money to give daughters in the service of the countess. They also helped Elizabeth to beat accidents, and then buried their bodies. Later, the local peasants, sensing something was wrong, have ceased to respond to the promises of the mistress of the castle. She had to hire a new clicker, which were trying to find her victims in remote villages.

When the girls brought in Cheyt, they came out the countess herself. After seeing them, she chose the most beautiful, and the rest was going to work. Those selected were taken to the basement, where Ilona and Dorka immediately started beating them, stabbing needles and tear the skin with forceps. Listening to the cries of the victims, Elizabeth flare up and she was taken for torture. Sometimes, she tore the teeth from the bodies of their victims chunks of meat.

While the blood does not drink, so that the vampire she is considered in vain, however, is a big a difference? In the end, when the girls were no longer able to stand, they cut the artery and blood poured into the pots, filling the tub, which sank the countess. Later, she ordered a miracle Presburge's torture techniques - "iron maiden". It was a hollow figure made up of two parts, and dotted with long spines. In the secret room of the castle next victim locked inside the "virgins" and lifted up, the blood streams flowed directly into the bath.

Strange and Wonderful

Time passed, and the bloody washing produced no result: the countess continued to age. In anger, she called Darvulyu and threatened to do it the same thing on her advice did with the girls. "You are mistaken, Madam! - Wailed an old woman. - Need blood does not servants, but noble virgins. Razdobudte such, and it immediately goes smoothly. Said - done.

Agents Elizabeth persuaded twenty daughters of poor noblemen to settle in Cheyte to entertain the countess and read it at night. Within two weeks one of the girls was dead. This is unlikely to help rejuvenate their killer, but it was already Darvule anyway - she died from fear. But Elizabeth is already crazy imagination knew no restraint.

It was pouring boiling oil peasant women, breaking their bones, cut lips and ears and made him eat them. In the summer of her favorite pastime was to undress girls and associated plant in ant. Winter - to pour water on a cold, until they turn into ice statues.

The murders were committed not only in Cheyte, but in the other two castles Elizabeth, as well as the waters in Pishtyane, where the countess was also trying to restore the vanishing beauty.

So much so that she could not spend a few days without a murder. Even in Vienna, where Elisabeth by grim coincidence, had a house on Bloody Street (Blyutenshtrasse), she lured to her and killed street nischenok. It remains surprising that so many years, she got away with it, the more so by the district waves dispersing rumors of crimes "cheytskoy creature.

It may be right, those who spoke about the high patrons murderer. Thus, the witnesses talked about the great lady, who visited the castle in elegant suits and has consistently participated in the torture and murder, and then removed from the Countess's bedroom.

Saw here and the dark lord with a hood hiding his face. The servants were whispering that it was resurrected Vlad Dracul, once created their black deeds in the neighboring Wallachia. Not escape the eye and the dominance of the castle of black cats, and inscribed on the walls of the cabalistic signs. Started the talk about Countess connection with the devil, which was considered worse than killing the peasant.

Strange and Wonderful

End crimes Erzsebet Bathory put most obvious reason. Needing money for his experiments on rejuvenation, the countess laid one of the locks for two thousand ducats. The guardian of her son, Imre Mederi raised scandal, accusing her of misappropriation of property of the family. She was summoned to Presburg, which brought together all the princes at the Diet, including the Emperor Matthias and her cousin and patron Gyorgy Turzo.

The latter has already received a letter from the priest, who had read the burial service, nine killed Elizabeth girls. Initially he was going as a family to hush up the story, but then the countess had sent him a cake. Sensing something was wrong, Turzo fed dog cake, and she immediately died. Enraged tycoon gave to the law. First, he questioned relatives caught up in the city of Elizabeth, who gave a lot of interesting things.

For example, her son, Miklos Zrinyi once stayed at Tiffany's, and his dog dug in the garden of a severed arm. Daughters of the accused were pale and repeated the same: "Sorry mom, it is not in itself".

Returning to Cheyt, the Countess was a witch's spell, who taught her Darvulya: "A small cloud, protect Elizabeth, she is in danger ... We went ninety black cats, let them tear apart the heart of the Emperor Matthias and my cousin Turzo, heart and red Mederi ..." And Yet she could not resist the temptation, when she led the young maid Doritsu caught for stealing sugar.

Elizabeth to exhaustion beat her with a whip, and the other maid was beaten with iron rods. Beside himself, the countess grabbed a hot iron and pushed it Doritse mouth to the throat. The girl was dead, the blood flooded the entire floor, but anger flared mistress Cheyta only. Cohorts have two maids, and beating them to death, Elizabeth reassured.

Strange and Wonderful

And the next morning the castle was Turzo with the soldiers. In one room they found a dead Doritsu and two other girls, still shows signs of life. In the basement waiting for the other terrible discovery - the pots with dried blood cells for the captives, the broken part of the "iron maiden".

And have found incontrovertible evidence - a diary of Countess, where it is down all their misdeeds. True, the names of most victims, she did not remember or simply do not know, and recorded them so: «№ 169, a short," or «№ 302, with black hair. Total list was 610 names, but there were not all killed. It is believed that only the conscience "cheytskoy creature" at least 650 lives. Elizabeth caught literally on the threshold - she was going to run.

It should be noted that in one of the trunks were carefully packed in the instruments of torture, without which she could not do without. Turzo his power she was sentenced to perpetual imprisonment, in his own castle. Her accomplices were taken to court, where witnesses are finally able to tell everything they knew about the crimes of their former mistress.

Ilona and Dork fractured fingers, and then burned alive at the stake. Hunchback Fitsko beheaded and his body was also thrown into the fire. In April 1611 in Cheyt profit masons who laid the stones at the windows and doors of the room the Countess, leaving only a small slit for a bowl of food.

Incarcerated Erzsebet Bathory lived in eternal darkness, eating only bread and water, not complaining and not asking for anything. She died on 21 August 1614 and was buried in the walls of the castle, near the remains of their nameless victims. They say that so far the night of the accursed castle groans are heard, leading to the horror of the district.

Strange and Wonderful


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